Admission Process

For entry into:

  • Preschool  — Ages 2 - 3

  • Kindergarten Readiness/Pre-Kindergarten  — (Kindergarten Curriculum) Ages 3 - 4

  • Advanced Kindergarten/Kindergarten — (K-1st Grade Curriculum minimum) - Ages 4 - 6

  • Operation Latchkey - 1-6 Grade

Specialized Learning Needs

Greater Trinity Academy specializes in guiding at-risk children and youth. Some of the children who come to us have experienced significant learning difficulties. We work individually and intensively with them and their parents/guardians to change attitudes and strive to overcome problems.

Evaluation and Acceptance

Some applicants may be accepted on a monitored or probationary basis and granted full admission upon successful completion of the conditions or provisions noted.

Uniform Policy

There will be a uniform requirement for students entering Greater Trinity. Please click here for more info.


Admission Process
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