Advanced Kindergarten/Kindergarten - Ages 4 - 6

An intentionally designed and integrated system of High Quality, Innovative and Exceptional Early Learning Program.

This high quality program, implemented by a well-trained, culturally sensitive, academically accomplished staff, offers a family-oriented child development curriculum that addresses the emotional, social, intellectual, physical, and creative aspects of each child's development.  Every child, regardless of age, is taken through national standardized testing to see where they are academically.  Individualized attention and a wide range of educational options gives these children much needed early intervention, supports the development of self-confidence and high self-esteem and provides a basic and thorough foundation for future success in school. 

The teachers utilize a cutting edge McGraw-Hill SRA Reading Mastery Curriculum in a Direct Instruction format to teach and challenge the students focusing on core subjects of reading, writing, math and science.  The SRA Reading Mastery Program addresses the five essential components as recommended by the National Reading Panel:  Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency and Comprehension. Depending upon student needs, any one of these dimensions can be emphasized during a lesson.

Reading Mastery teaches the general comprehension skills-cause and effect, making inferences,finding the main idea, sequencing events - and many other less traditional comprehension strategies, such as seeing humor. Most importantly, Reading Mastery specifically prepares children for academic success in the expository kinds of reading materials that are used in academic content areas. Children acquire a knowledge base of fundamental concepts and rules in science and social studies and learn reasoning and analysis strategies for scientific thinking in any domain, strategies that are not found in any other instructional program.

Research-validated practices that are found in Reading Mastery Plus include:

         Teaching phonemic awareness explicitly

         Providing systematically sequenced phonics instruction

         Teaching synthetic phonics

         Using guided oral reading with appropriate error correction techniques and feedback

         Developing vocabulary and using systematic instruction to promote reading comprehension

Student to teacher ratios of 10:1 gives the teaching staff opportunity to work one-on-one with each child, understanding any educational and environmental factors that may affect their learning experience. 


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