Preschool - Ages 2 - 3

Kindergarten class at GTCLAHere at Greater Trinity Academy, the Preschool Program reflects the belief that childhood should be a journey, not a race. In our child-centered program, children are part of a community where they are accepted, respected, understood, and protected. Every day the children are involved in activities that are absorbing, challenging, meaningful and satisfying.

Within the Preschool's nurturing environment, children have continual opportunities to grow creativity as they play, create, and explore in the classroom learning centers. Learning centers are built around themes such as literacy, mathematics, science, dramatic play, construction, art, music, water, sand, large motor skills and technology.

Preschool at Greater Trinity Academy is:

  1. Emphasis on gross-motor development

  2. Creative art, creative music, creative play

  3. Periodic academic and developmental assessment

  4. Foreign language instruction

  5. Pre-writing and pre-reading skills

  6. Effective living skills

  7. Free play


Kindergarten Readiness/
Advanced Kindergarten/Kindergarten
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