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Your Child's Reading and Writing 

Reading and writing skills for a student extend well beyond just the classroom but is also an inseparable part of Math, Science, Social Studies, and just about any subject. As your child grows and matures into an adult, no matter what profession they choose to enter, their reading and writing skills are vital to any job.

Greater Trinity Academy understands the importance of creating a solid foundation for your child's reading and writing skills. For this reason, our educators use a unique approach in the classroom, one that focuses on each child as an individual and allows the child to learn and grow at their own pace. That may mean that a child conquers elements of his or her reading and writing a little slower or even far quicker than other students in the same class, both sets of students need the teachers' individual attention in order to succeed. This is accomplished through the 'Reading and Writing Workshop Method'.

Selecting A School

Once a family makes the decision to make the move to Greater Trinity, they are faced with a multitude of next-level decisions. Perhaps none is so crucial to a family's adjustment as the decision about schooling.

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