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Support Greater Trinity Academy

“SupportYour support is vital to our GTA mission to create a quality learning and support GTCLA computer lab environment for our full-day pre-K and kindergarten programs as well as for Operation Latchkey our after-school program geared to help students up to the 8th grade. Please give generously – our children need you!

A gift of $50 assures a child a nourishing breakfast every day for a month.

A gift of $100 helps transport our children to special enrichment programs.

A gift of $1,000 helps us recruit and retain highly qualified teachers.


GTA has served nearly 1,000 students in the greater Everett community during its first ten years of operation. We want to double that number in the next ten years! Your financial support is essential to help us achieve this goal.

Most of our students are from families with limited incomes or who rely solely on DSHS for their survival. Currently, the difference between the actual cost of running our programs averages $200 per child per month more than DSHS reimburses GTA. In addition, many of our teachers and support staff over the years have served out of love for our children but, even for them, the need for more adequate pay is essential to their continued ability to work at GTA.

Your gift of $100 or more assures that we can reach our annual campaign goal of $100,000 collected from individual contributors. While we have received some grants from private foundations and are currently working with local government for early childhood funds, the restrictions on these grants do not fully address the gap in basic funding for the school and its ability to serve more children in the future.

So please join us in celebration of our community service and help us keep the doors open for children who need a safe, structured educational environment with the confidence to say, “I can learn anything!”
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